Ingredients of a successful landing page

Before you do anything, create a landing page with email form 1000 subscriber is good bunchmark

Your competitive advantage is not int he fact that you thought about the idea first, it’s because you understand the customer best. Make sure you love handing out with your audience.

Creating a landing page first forces you to thinking about distribution straight away. Have as many landing pages as segments in your audience.

How do you get traffic to your landing page Three things to figure out

1. Find an audience that’s willing to spend money

Assuming you have found the group you want to pursue.

2. Find something they want

Is this something that’s going to make them click on a Google search result or Product hunt.

3. Find a way to reach them

Where does your audiance hang out. Search for Facebook Groups, Reddit communities,

Get Traffic for your landing page

Add your landing page to a quora thread Reach out to the people

Go on ahref, put a competitor and find the keywords they get their traffic from See what’s working for your competitor:

  • what blog posts / platforms gets them traffic

Find a marketing channel

Ask yourself “why would people care? for your product over the one of a competitor” Highlight that!

Reach out to your connections that have big audiences that might be interested